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How Alan Brogan takes his mind off the game ... planning his own match made in Heaven

THE fiancée of Dublin football star Alan Brogan has revealed they are distracting themselves with wedding plans to keep the pressure off ahead of this weekend's semi-final.

The long-term couple, whose son Jamie is 18 months old, are due to wed in Kilronan Castle, in Co Roscommon, on December 29.

And Lydia Rock told the Herald that the talented left half forward has thrown himself into their wedding plans over the last week as a distraction from the game against Cork on Sunday.

"We've just been trying to keep our heads down so we were organising a few things for our wedding," she said.

"Alan gets a lot of support, not just from Dubs but from all over the country. We were down in Roscommon doing a few things and people from all over were wishing him good luck for this weekend. It's lovely to know that."

Lydia (28) is very aware of how hard the Boys in Blue have worked to get to this stage and she called on the capital to get behind the team before Sunday's clash.

"They have trained so hard for this, so people should support the lads. They have it against them this weekend because Cork are the favourites, so I would say get out there. They are a fantastic team and they definitely deserve it."

But the yummy mummy is not the only member of Alan's family who is a diehard Blues fan. She said: "Alan's parents have never missed a game. They have an apartment in Spain and it doesn't get used all summer because they are going to matches.

"We don't do too much match talk at home because the lads get it everywhere and they like to keep the head down before a game to avoid the pressure. The way this season has gone, they had such a bad start, so I think now they are just focusing on the game." With just days to go, she revealed the family will attempt to keep things normal until the throw-in.

She said: "We don't have a definite routine. The day of the Tyrone game, we took a walk before the match with Jamie. He's a great distraction. It is all very normal.

"The lads much prefer to avoid the hype and there is this misconception of the 'Dirty Dubs' but that is not the case at all. They play with their heart and soul. They are not one bit cocky and they don't want their fans to be cocky either."

The couple have no plans for after the match just yet.

"There is usually something organised, win or lose, but this year there is nothing like that. It's always wait and see," she said.

Lydia will be joining family and friends this Sunday in cheering Alan and Dublin on to victory.

"It's just jeans and a jersey," said the 28-year-old, when asked about the WAG wardrobe at matches. "I used to bring a change of clothes and get changed in the toilets after a match but now I don't bother. It's just too much effort so I normally wait and see what the post match plan is and then I go home and change and go back out."

Meanwhile, Lydia revealed that unlike the English football WAGS they don't hang out en masse ahead of or during the matches.

"It usually depends on what tickets you get. I would usually be near a few other players families or girlfriends but it would always vary. There is no designated area," she added.

The low-key wives and girlfriends say their focus and support is completely behind the team, and Lydia revealed she tries to keep things as normal as possible on match day.

"The main thing Alan is concerned about on the morning of a match is his breakfast.

"He then heads off early to have lunch with the team. Usually, once I get the baby organised and change, it's time to head down to Croke Park."

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