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Hot tips for mum-to-be Lucy as she plays waiting game

RTE presenter Lucy Kennedy may be due her second baby this week, but she appears to be in for a bit of a wait, judging by her latest comments.

The RTE broadcaster went on maternity leave nearly two weeks ago, leaving Jenny Greene to take her place on her weekend radio show with Baz Ashmawy.

The baby was due on Tuesday -- but Lucy has revealed how there's no movement yet. She has now put out an appeal asking for tips on "encouraging babies to make an appearance".

And despite being inundated with advice on everything from a hot curry to a warm bath, she said nothing had worked.

"Bump is staying put no matter what I eat. Someone is too comfy," she said.

Lucy is now gearing up for a long wait, given that she was eight days late with her first baby with hubby Richie Governey, a baby boy named Jack.

Meanwhile, her RTE colleague Evanne ni Chuilinn has just left hospital after welcoming in her new arrival.

She and Lucy had been keeping each other updated as to their progress and had joked how they could see each other in hospital this week.

Evanne gave birth to her first baby boy last Friday and said it was "so exciting" as she geared up to bring her tiny tot home, saying she was already in love with him.

And she wrote online: "Thanks so much Tweeps for all the warm wishes for baby Séimí, he's thriving thanks be to God."