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Holy smoke -- Connolly used Bible to roll cigs

Comic Billy Connolly has confessed he used pages of the Bible to make a roll-up cigarette -- and joked that he may go to hell as a result.

The 68-year-old star (pictured) revealed he and old friend Gerry Rafferty -- the late chart-topping musician -- resorted to the holy book after they ran out of "skins".

The pair tore out pages from the Book of Revelations to concoct a ciggie in a remote spot.

Connolly made his confession as he launched a forthcoming travel show for ITV1, in which he travels down America's famous Route 66 highway. He described his visit to hear gospel music at a chapel in St Louis where a member of the congregation gave him a hug and offered him a Bible.

"The last time I held a Bible I was smoking it -- it's true," he said.

Connolly said he and Baker Street singer Rafferty were in the north of Scotland, and Connolly decided to make up for a lack of cigarette papers by using a Bible.

"It was a drunk guy who put us up for the night and he was up in bed. And I said 'You wouldn't have a Bible?', and he says 'Yes, I do, would you like it?'.

"My idea was to read a verse then smoke it. And I think I'm going to hell."