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Holmes bites Beeb's head off after 'fat' jibes rile him

EAMONN Holmes has lodged a formal complaint with the BBC over jibes about his weight made on a popular comedy show, it has been reported.

The Belfast-born TV presenter was said to be so offended by Jon Culshaw's depiction of him on The Impressions Show that he has consulted with lawyers.

Culshaw made his take on Eamonn a regular feature on his BBC One show with the catchphrase: "I was fierce hungry, so I was."

In one sketch, a producer was seen asking 'Eamonn' what had happened to the studio's sofa. In a thick Ulster accent, Culshaw pointed to the space where the couch was and replied: "I wouldn't know, I was eating that cake, so I was. I got fierce hungry, couldn't help myself, so I couldn't."

The BBC has apologised "for any offence caused" and the character has been axed from the second series of The Impressions Show.

A spokesperson for Mr Holmes said: "There have been discussions with the BBC and Eamonn is happy to say the matter has now been resolved."

Holmes (50) has been honest about his struggle to control his weight, even taking part in a diet while hosting the ITV show The Feelgood Factor.

The father-of-four said that the issue of weight is treated very differently when it comes to men and women.

He said: "People slap my belly all the time and it's because I'm a man. Everything's a joke when it comes to overweight men.

"The thing is that they never expect a man to be offended but they know if they said those things to a woman she would probably burst into tears or slap them.

"Well, I am offended too, even if I've done my fair share of laughing along with it in the past."

Original source: The Belfast Telegraph