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Hollywood wake-up call for Sarah as she heads for horror flick

IRISH actress Sarah Bolger is in for a fright.

The former Tudors star will star in creepy medical thriller Reawakening alongside actress Olivia Wilde.

Olivia (29), who starred in long-running US series House and The OC, is one of the most in demand actresses in Hollywood.

Sharing the screen with Olivia proves Sarah's star is continuing to soar in Tinseltown.

Horror flick Reawakening follows a group of research students who discover the secret of bringing people back from the dead.

Unsurprisingly, waking the dead turns out to be more trouble than anticipated and everything gets very sinister, very quickly.


Sarah has acted in several supernatural-themed TV series and films, including The Moth Diaries and Once Upon A Time. So she should be well able for her latest role.

Sarah won worldwide acclaim aged just 11 for her portrayal of Christy in the heart-warming movie In America.

She also played Princess Mary in the TV series The Tudors and Princess Aurora on Once Upon A Time.

Most recently, the Rathfarnham native shot a pilot for ABC America called Mixology.

Written by team behind smash hit The Hangover, Lucas and Scott Moore, the pilot follows the lives of 10 singletons as they trawl downtown Manhattan bars to find love.

Sarah played Janey, a New Jersey gal who is woefully unprepared for the dating and drinking culture of The Big Apple.

The series is intended to follows on from the success of hit US series Girls starring Lena Dunham.

In the meantime, Sarah is busy prepping for her spooky film role.

Zero Dark Thirty star Mark Duplass and American Horror Story Evan Peters will join Sarah on set for Reawakening.

Zombie and Frankenstein-style films are set to be big next year – both Lionsgate and Fox have Frankenstein horror movies in development.