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Holly's Big crush on Chris after Late Late encounter

Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter has revealed her secret crush - 'Big' from Sex And The City, aka Chris Noth.

The gorgeous beauty has said she was bowled over by how charming he was after meeting him on the Late Late Show and said he was far sexier in the flesh.

Single Holly had a memorable encounter on the RTE show with the Hollywood hunk, who is in Ireland filming TV mini-series Titanic.

"He was gorgeous, he was so tall and so nice," she said.

"He was in the green room and I took a picture of him and my mum and we were just having the craic and then I couldn't believe the stuff about me on the show.

"He said 'I just met Miss Ireland. She's gorgeous and should have won Miss World'.

"I filmed him saying it on my phone so whenever I'm feeling sad I can just watch him saying I'm gorgeous.

"After seeing him in Sex And The City and then seeing him in person, I was definitely starstruck. He lived up to all my expectations."

The granddaughter of the late journalist Terry Keane has been inundated with work offers since coming back from competing in the Miss World contest in London earlier this month.

The model recently prompted a swift response from former Miss World Rosanna Davison after claiming it was a blessing in disguise she didn't win the contest.

Holly was quoted as saying the winners often have to become "puppets" and are under strict instructions about dressing and acting in a certain manner.

But she said there are absolutely no hard feelings between herself and Rosanna, and they were both just expressing their opinions.

"I don't think she was having a go at me. She was just saying what her experience was and, to be honest, I never said the word 'puppet', they just put that in my mouth and I never actually said it," explained Holly.

"But I was glad because when I saw her response I thought 'Oh no, has she been offended?' But I think she was just saying 'this is what I think'. She's a mature person and wouldn't be like that."

The NCAD student was putting her own star power to good use over the weekend after lending her name to the campaign against the Clontarf flood defence proposals.

She lined out at Clontarf rugby club alongside fellow northside celebrities like Ireland star Cian Healy, Diarmuid Gavin, Niall Toibin and PJ Gallagher.

The Raheny resident said she thought it would be "such a shame" if the Dublin City Council plan went ahead.

"I train at a fitness centre called The Edge in Clontarf which is literally just on the coast and they do a lot of activities on the promenade.

"So many people use it to walk their dogs, go for jogs and working out. It just wouldn't have the same atmosphere if they built it," she added.

She also revealed how she has put her plan to check out the model agencies in London on the long finger until after Christmas as she is so busy.

- MF