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Holly won't ruin ex's plan to be Mr Ireland

Holly's former love, Jeremy McConnell Cooke, hit out at the Miss Ireland winner over the weekend, suggesting that she may crush his dreams of becoming a top model by not voting for him when he signs up for Mr Ireland 2011.

But, speaking to the Diary, Holly (19) said she will judge her ex-boyfriend fairly, just like she will with all of the other contestants.

"I heard before that he might be entering Mr Ireland but I didn't know that he was for definite. But we broke up a long time ago and I know that he's a lovely guy. I honestly would treat him the same as anyone else," she said.

Holly split with the former Bohemians and Shelbourne player back in January after an 18-month relationship.

Although Holly maintains there were no hard feelings, Jeremy (21) has said he is afraid the Dubliner will ruin his chances of taking over Kamal Ibrahim's Mr Ireland crown.

"I really hope she doesn't turn the other judges against me -- I know I wouldn't do it to her. It was a bitter break-up because it was so final," he revealed.


Holly says that she wasn't fazed by the public outburst and believes that the Assets model is just trying to make a name for himself.

"We broke up in January and it feels like a long time ago because my life has changed so much since then.

"I'm not annoyed at all by what he said. He's probably just trying to get his name out there and maybe that's what he needs to do," she said.

Holly, who is currently hitting the gym hard in preparation for the Miss World finals in November, played down rumours that tensions were high behind the scenes of Miss Ireland this year.

After spending last weekend at the Cannonball celebrity car rally with Miss Dublin North Rebecca Maher and Miss Galway Jessica Langan, Holly says she hopes she has proved that the girls in the competition have really made strong connections.

"I was told I could bring two girls along with me to the Cannonball, and I picked Jess and Rebecca straight away. I know them so well and I know it sounds so cheesy but you do make friends for life after the competition."

The three girls got to take the back seat in a Bentley as they drove from Mondello to Limerick, Waterford, Cork, Clare, Kilkenny and back again.