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Holly Valance admits her routines are not strictly perfect yet

HOLLY Valance's Strictly Come Dancing partner has said they are not putting enough effort into their routines - despite having just days to go.

Dancer Artem Chigvintsev said they still had a long way to go to perfect their routines on the BBC1 contest.

And Valance revealed they have had "light-hearted" squabbles during their intensive training regimes.

Russian-born Chigvintsev said of their progress: "Let's say out of 100pc, we probably put effort about 15, so there's a lot more."

He added: "Holly's progress is quite good. There's moments where it looks really good -- and there's moments, a lot more moments, where it looks in the process of being good."

Former Neighbours actress turned singer Valance praised her partner as a teacher but said they had their disagreements: "Artem and I are going very well. he's a very good teacher. He's patient.

"We squabble and bicker but at least it's light-hearted and it's not too heavy, we can just laugh about it, but he can get really mean by the end of the week."

And she said she was struggling to dance in heels, which was proving painful.

"Girls have to wear high heels and I'd love to see some of the boys wearing them and see if they don't moan the same as we do.

"It is a little bit more difficult -- not so much the heel, but because you are on the ball of your feet all the time so that can get uncomfortable, quite painful. So I have to get used to it and make sure everything else is strong around it so it takes the pressure off."

She said she was trying her best to put the moves together "without falling over".

"It is very much like a patchwork quilt. Artem teaches me parts, and not in any particular order, and then I have to sew them all together and make my big blanket."