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Holly hires personal trainer to get perfect bikini body for Miss World

MISS IRELAND Holly Carpenter has hired a personal trainer to tone up her body in the build-up to the Miss World contest.

With just over a month to go until Holly (19) jets off to London to compete against 120 other beauty queens, the Dubliner told the Diary she aims to get her body in shape for that all important bikini round.

"I'm starting to train now at least five times a week. I'll be hitting the gym and when I can't get there, I'll be doing more exercises at home. I want to get really really toned, I know that Miss World is such a bigger competition and the girls are going to look amazing. I'd really like to get some abs, I will also be focusing on my thighs and my arms. I don't want things jiggling around when I'm on the catwalk in my bikini," she said.

The NCAD student added that not only does she have to stick to a strict fitness routine, she also has to change her diet, cutting out cereals and alcohol.

"My trainer wants me to eat vegetables for breakfast or a salad, I really love my cereal but I'm going to do whatever he tells me to do. I've also cut out alcohol.

"But I honestly don't mind not drinking. I've only been on one night out since winning the competition. Drinking just isn't worth it anyway, I'm so much healthier without it. I'll have nicer skin and hair because of it," she explained.

Holly is sure to let her hair down when she celebrates entering her 20s next month.

"I'm sure I will have something to drink at my birthday next month. The Wright Venue are hosting a private party for me in the Penthouse.

"It will be a few days before I head to London and I'm turning 20, I can't wait," she said.