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Holly found it hard to keep mum about BOD baby news

BRIAN O'Driscoll had no worries about telling his Leinster teammate Cian Healy about his exciting baby news.

Because as his girlfriend, model Holly Carpenter, told the Herald, "Cian is crap at telling stories."

The rugby star knew the biggest secret in town but didn't even think to tell Holly.

"He'd been out with the lads and came home and, I asked him if he had any news. He said, 'no not really'. Five hours later, he tells me that Amy is pregnant. I said 'Cian that is news, big news'."


Last week, Amy Huberman and Brian told close friends and family that they were expecting their first child.

And sources close to the couple say they are "over the moon" with the news.

Former Miss Ireland, Holly, said she was thrilled for the couple but had found it difficult to keep the news to herself.

"I am so happy for them, I think it's really cute. Cian told me the night before and I just really wanted to tell someone or say something -- but I managed to keep my mouth shut."

Despite never having met Amy (33), Holly feels that she already knows the Threesome star.

"I've never met her," the Raheny native said. "But I sort of feel like I know her from seeing her TV show and hearing about them from Cian."

Holly also said she was amazed to learn how far Amy is in her pregnancy.

"I can't believe how far gone she is. She's already five months pregnant. She looks amazing. Cian says Brian is really excited to become a dad."

But despite all the baby news Holly is in no hurry to settle down. Instead she's focusing on her studies.