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Holly dresses down for first day back in class ... and grabs a sneaky smoke

IT'S back to reality for former Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter.

After a year out Holly is readjusting to life as a student again as she enjoys a sneaky cigarette on her first day back.

The 20-year-old previously revealed how rugby boyfriend Cian Healy (24) hates smoking but that doesn't appear to have stopped her.

The top model has settled back into college to finish her degree studies.

But even away from the catwalk and dressed in more casual clothes, there is no disguising Holly's good looks.

She is studying textiles at the National College of Art and Design, and hasn't ruled out going into design when she graduates.

She has previously told how her heart is set on emulating the success of another model, Elle Macpherson, who has her own lucrative lingerie range, as she believes there is a market in Ireland.

She said she would like to design lingerie that would make every girl feel sexy.

"I know what girls my age like but I have an idea of what people who are a bit older would like too," Holly said.

But as she gets back into the habit of going to college everyday, she has also given in to an old vice.


"Cian doesn't really like it, no," she said. "But I don't normally smoke during the day when he's around. It's only when I'm out doing jobs or in my own house. So it's not in his face. He is really into his health."

The brunette beauty said that smoking is part of the model lifestyle as it helps to suppress appetite.

"It is difficult not to smoke in this industry," she said.

However, earlier this year health expert Dr Eva Orsmond said she wants top models to quit smoking to save their skin.

Dr Orsmond said that while it does aid weight loss, it can be fatal.