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Holiday Show stars Jon and Ciara happily mix business and pleasure

TV3 stars Ciara Whelan and Jon Slattery put their healthy relationship down to the fact that they work so closely together.

The couple, who've been together for the past six years -- in love and at work -- are currently busy putting the finishing touches on the second season of The Holiday Show.

While most couples wouldn't fancy working so closely together, Jon says their hectic work schedules have helped them.

"We've been together for six glorious years. We met in RTE and we've nearly always worked together or at least closely together. Now we run the production company that does The Holiday Show," Jon said.

"Holidays tend to be very stressful for couples, but we're always moving, we don't just sit there and look at each other all day. We try to be as productive as possible," Ciara added.

The innovative couple set up the show last year when they established their own production company. However, as the economy worsens, the show has been altered to be more recession-friendly.

Jon explained: "Our goal this year was to find really different things to do on holidays that don't cost too much. We certainly took the recession into consideration."

In spite of travelling to some of the world's most exotic destinations during their stint as presenters of the hit programme, they mostly crave the "normal" life here in Ireland.

"I like coming home to do the laundry and take out the bins -- I crave the stuff that nobody likes," Ciara said.

And while they have no immediate plans to walk down the aisle, it is on the cards at some stage.

"Jon asks me to marry him every day, and I'm sure one day we actually will, but we have no plans to at the minute," said Ciara.

The various themes for this season include family outings in Disneyland Paris and Lapland, romantic trips to Cyprus and India, sun holidays in Croatia and a feature on city breaks.