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Holiday romance? No -- the talent was very poor, says DJ Louise

SINGLE model and DJ Louise Kavanagh was left disappointed by the male talent on a recent girls' holiday.

Louise, who features in lads mag Loaded this month, is just back from a week of fun in the sun in Marbella with her model pals Georgia Salpa and Leah O'Reilly.

"Marbella was so nice, but it was very quiet so we definitely livened it up," Louise told the Diary.

"I had a wing woman but unfortunately the talent was pretty poor."

Louise is still single following her 2009 split from Damo and Ivor creator Andy Quirke -- brother of Rosanna Davison's fiance Wesley Quirke -- but is currently "dating".

"There is no man on the cards for me. I am dating, but happy enough.

"I have my girlfriends and we go on plenty of holidays and they keep me entertained -- there is always someone in the group who is a wing woman," she laughed.

The DJ is currently hosting the VIP rooms at Buck's Townhouse on a Saturday night, where she is covering for model pal Michele McGrath.

Michele is enjoying a few months in the US and Louise is planning to catch up with her this summer, keeping her fingers crossed that some LA romance may be in the offing.

Louise also spoke about her close friendship with her ex Andy, who has just been given the green light for his new show Northside/Southside on RTE.

"Andy and I are still such close friends," Louise said.

"He would often ring me about different things and I would ask his advice. He's the only ex that I stay in touch with."