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Ho Ho Ho ladies -- the Christmas jumper dress is leading the style stakes

THEY may be naff and cheesy but can the Christmas jumper ever be stylish?

The controversial seasonal item has had a makeover for the Winter 2012 collection -- with new designs specifically for women.

And Irish girls are snapping up this innovative fashion item -- a Christmas jumper dress.

Entrepreneur Rory Dinnigan (26) from Portmarnock, Co Dublin, set up shop on the city's South Anne St for the clothes over the last three years and said he knew there would be demand for the dresses.

"My girlfriend Michelle suggested it initially. She thought it would be good to have a bit of length in them so you could wear them with boots," Rory told the Herald.

"There are some jumper dresses out there, but this is the first time they are available in Christmas jumper dresses."

Rory said that consumers have responded well to the new design, adding: "They are very popular. When I showed the initial design to all of my friends, the girls were really interested.

"They've been flying off the shelves. We've ordered more in different designs and there will be more within the next week."

Rory also credits RTE presenter Ryan Tubridy (left) with boosting the jumper's popularity .

He said: "Tubridy kicked it off in the last few years and then there is the whole '12 Pubs' tradition. It has become a requirement to have a Christmas jumper."