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Hira won't be baring all like her pal Noirin

Former Big Brother star Hira Shah has vowed she won't be following in pal Noirin Kelly's footsteps and going down the glamour modelling route.

The Pakistani beauty, who moved to Dublin with her husband Afan last year, has just been signed to Compton Modelling Agency, explaining that it was Noirin who pushed her to make the most of her unusual looks.

But unlike Cabinteely native Noirin, who has appeared on the cover of lads' magazine Nuts several times since leaving the Channel 4 show, Hira is adamant she won't ever be baring her assets in pursuit of fame.

The 25-year-old went on to explain how she's seen as a female icon in her native home of Pakistan for continuously pushing boundaries, but admits that she has her limits. "I'm not ever going to get naked, that's for sure," Hira told the Herald. "I know what my limits are and I don't think topless modelling would be for me.

"I'm very lucky because my husband is very liberal. Not everyone is like that, he's been so supportive and he's always encouraged me to make things happen for myself.

"Some of my friends and family are also very liberal thinking and then others are more conservative. You have to be ready for people and their reactions and I'm mentally prepared for whatever is thrown at me."

Hira, who plans to combine her modelling work with her career as a fashion designer, is confidant there will be a lot of work for her at home and abroad.