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Hilton's boyfriend attacked outside court

A man tried to grab the boyfriend of socialite Paris Hilton outside court as the couple arrived to give evidence against a man accused of an attempted break-in at her home.

A photographer and reporters interviewing the couple saw the man appear to get a hand on the neck of Cy Waits before being seized by a bodyguard (left) and taken away.

James Rainford (36) was arrested and held on e13,500 bail.

The incident happened as Hilton and Waits were walking into a court building in Van Nuys, California, to testify against Nathan Parada (31) who is charged with attempted burglary.

Hilton later said that a "psycho intruder just punched Cy in the back of the head as we were walking into the court house".

Hilton and Waits told the court about being woken by a man banging on a window at her home last August.

Parada told police he stayed outside the Hollywood Hills house for several hours before going to a back window and pounding on it with the butt of a knife.

Parada told detectives that he planned to steal whatever he could carry, sell it and move to a deserted island. Parada could face a maximum of three years in prison if convicted.