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He's the one, says Noirin as her new beau to move here

BIG BROTHER star Noirin Kelly's latest long distance romance is coming to an end.

But the Diary can reveal that it isn't because the former reality TV star has split from her British beau of three months.

The Cabinteely beauty has revealed she has convinced the "love of my life", known only as Jamie (26), to move over here in the New Year and the couple are already talking marriage and babies.

Speaking to the Diary, Noirin (27) said: "I am head over heels in love. We're together a good few months now and he should be moving over here after Christmas.

"I think he is the one, 100pc. We're already talked about marriage and kids. When I talked about that before with my previous boyfriend it seemed weird but it feels completely natural with Jamie.

"I can't wait to have kids and he is the same. We're moving into an apartment together so I couldn't be more excited.

"We've haven't been away on holiday yet but we're planning to go to Vegas next summer and my mum and dad are terrified I'll get married over there."


Noirin is well known for her long distance romances, having previously dated US badboy Isaac Stout, who also appeared on Big Brother.

"I'll be delighted not to have to do all the travelling anymore because I always seem to be the one doing it.

"I've been over to Jamie practically every weekend and I'm going again on Friday to surprise him for his birthday. He has no idea I'm coming over so I'm going to jump out of a big box and throw a party for him."

And Noirin's family are also besotted with Jamie.

"He met all my friends and family for the first time last week and they all got on really well. We had a nice time together and went out to Krystle for a little while.

"He loves Dublin so he has no problem moving over here from Liverpool. He's working his ass off at the moment to save to move over."

The couple will be spending Christmas apart but will enjoy a New Year's bash with 30 close friends in Kilkenny.

Noirin also revealed she wants more steady employment after Christmas.

"I want to go back to full time employment like in retail or PR because I want to get a mortgage down the line.

"I've started looking and I know there aren't many jobs out there at the moment but I've seen a few things I would like to do.


"I'm looking forward to going back to a normal routine. I'll still do modelling and stuff like that on the side but those jobs are only once or twice a week so there is plenty of time to do other things.

"I'd be a bit wary of working in the public eye because some people still get a bit crazy about the Big Brother thing."

There are currently two fake Twitter accounts set up by people posing as Noirin.

"It's a bit creepy because they have even fooled a lot of my friends," she said.