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Here's a thought, maybe Tubs quit Twitter because he finally figured out it's so much pointless babble

COME on Ryan. Keeping your thoughts to yourself is sooooo last century. Do the right thing and undo the twit-ectomy that you performed on yourself, ironically on Twitter, this week.

The twitterati has been getting their tweets in a twist since Ryan Tubridy declared: "Dear Twitter, this is my last tweet. It's been lots of fun, but I must leave. No drama, just not enough time. Thanks and take care. #goodbye."


Maybe he mis-tweeted? (posted something that you later regret) Maybe he was all jacked up on caffeine and twiffeinated? Maybe Ryan dweeted? -- tweeted while drunk. It's the social media version of drinking and dialling.

Or maybe reading what tweeters were tweeting about him and the shows he presents, made Ryan all twired and twigged out. He just couldn't take any more personal abuse and insults and decided channeling his inner Luddite meant he wouldn't be exposed to the vitriol drenching this social medium.


There's a difference you see between vigorous and legitimate criticism and abuse. Ryan Tubridy, along with anyone else who broadcasts or writes, has a responsibility to his readers and viewers. He must be objective, rigorous and unbiased.

And if he wants to be the funny guy on radio and TV, he must be funny. And if viewers and listeners don't think he's funny or good at his job, they aren't censored and are more than entitled to blog, tweet, facebook the fact. The state guarantees our right to express freely our convictions and opinions. But the right of freedom of expression in Ireland doesn't mean you can defame someone. So what tweeters and bloggers are not entitled to do, is slag Ryan off in a personal way and describe what they'd like to do to him.

Or indeed give random anecdotes about how a friend of a friend knows him and he's a total ******. That's just a hateful, spiteful and potentially libelous attack masquerading as legitimate criticism.

And kind of stupid, too. Anybody who publishes defamatory statements online can be sued. Last year an Irish blogger known as Ardmayle became €100,000 poorer after settling a libel action taken against him by a senior civil servant and his partner.

Ryan's not the only one to fall victim to this form of cyber bullying and cyber harassment. A Facebook page purporting to be that of TV3's Glenda Gilson was set up by an imposter and her colleague on Xpose, Aisling O'Loughlin, was also left gob-smacked when some idiot set up a page called Get Aisling O'Loughlin Off Xpose. She had it successfully removed.


Amanda Brunker has said that online abuse left her so stressed that her hair fell out and upset her husband. But Amanda's as tough as nails. Leave the Twitiverse? She probably doubled her tweets and Facebook posts, while mentioning her latest book.

Maybe Ryan never gave a fig about the abuse he received. Maybe he realised that more than 40pc of tweets are comprised of 'pointless babble' and just 4pc of 'news'. He simply did not have enough time to trawl through the twitto-sphere to get to the good stuff. Or maybe he decided there's enough news and information and legitimate criticism right here in the real world.