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Here comes the bride again as Pippa's big day is set to be aired

VIEWERS can expect tears, drama and emotional scenes when the new RTE show Brian and Pippa Get Married airs next month.

Newlywed Pippa O'Connor told the Diary that after seeing some of the edited scenes of the upcoming documentary, there will definitely be some tears. The fly on the wall documentary follows the model and RTE presenter Brian Ormond from picking out the flowers to walking up the aisle.

"I didn't want anything to be fake. Everything you will see is completely the truth," said Pippa.

"I don't think I had any bad moments throughout the whole thing. There are a few tears but mostly happy tears," she said.

"The show is out in November, it's just a few weeks away now and I'm really looking forward to seeing it. The wedding was four months ago now so it will be nice to relive it. I've seen bits of it now and it was really nice, I felt quite sentimental watching it.

"Maybe not something for the boys but all girls will definitely enjoy it. At the end of the day it's about a couple planning a wedding so there is lots of fun as well as drama and tears."

The sister of show jumper Cian O'Connor added that she and Brian only committed to film the upcoming show if they had full control of the filming process.

Pippa (26) said no scenes were staged, she wanted the entire documentary to be real.

"We started filming about five months before the wedding. RTE have hours and hours of footage so they said it was really hard for them to cut it down to just one hour.

"But I know it will be fine. The only reason I signed up for it is because I said to them I will only do it if you let me do things the way I would have done them anyway.

"It's something we will never get to do again. Because this is such a personal thing we really thought long and hard before we decided to do it.

"But now that it's done I'm so happy that we did do it. I'm proud of it," she admitted.

And it looks like this may be the first of many shows we can see Pippa on. The model who starred in last year's Celebrity Salon admitted that she would love to get some TV work. But won't be following her presenter husband.

"I'm dying to do something with TV, I'd really love to. It wouldn't exactly be me presenting, but I think this show is going to show more of my personality. TV is something I would really like to do more of so this show will be a good thing."

But one role Pippa won't be playing anytime soon though is the role of mother. The leggy catwalk queen says she and Brian (31) aren't ready to have kids just yet. But she is loving spending time with her baby nephew. "The role of auntie and Godmother is enough for the time being," she said.