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Herald readers help TV3's Sybil with her house hunt

TV3 star Sybil Mulcahy has been inundated with house offers since she revealed she was on the look-out for a new home.

The 37-year-old expectant mum has received a flurry of house offers since the Herald revealed she is on the hunt for a new home.

The Morning Show presenter told the Herald that she was flattered to receive a number of emails and even a hand written and delivered letter from a reader after the Herald revealed she was looking to buy.

"It was amazing and really kind of people to respond, one person came into TV3 and left a letter at reception for me, but none of the houses were in the area I'm hoping for so we're still keeping an eye out," mum-of-two Sybil said.

The Ballymount-based presenter has been on the look out her ideal family home to welcome her third baby into in April and is hoping to find a pad along the DART line in leafy suburb of Sandymount.

"We can't afford our dream home, we have to be realistic at the same time -- I'd like a four-bedroom semi detached house," she said.

Sybil and her husband of seven years Hugh, who are living in rented accommodation in Monkstown, have been eyeing up properties for months now and want to return from the hospital to a new home when their new baby is born.

"In January we're hoping there'll be another push in the market and by February we may have found something. I'd like to find a place near my parents too so they can babysit," added the UCD graduate.


The bubbly blonde, who had her 20-week scan last week, says she's much more relaxed about her pregnancy this time around, but is feeling tired as an "older" mum.

"I'm in bed every night by 9pm at the moment -- I'm that little bit older and I have young kids, so things are very full on and work is hectic too.

"I don't know how people manage full time work and six or seven children, I couldn't do it."

Sybil plans to work right up until her due date on April 14 and is continuing life as normal.

The couple, along with their two children, five-year-old Hugh and three-year-old Genevieve, are gearing up to spend Christmas relaxing at home, before spending a few days at a top Galway hotel.

"I'm cooking for my in-laws for the first time ever which will be interesting, luckily I've done loads of food features slots on telly though and it'll be laid back."