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Herald chef Stuart ignores pain of broken wrist to cook for the Obamas

IRISH chef Stuart O'Keeffe has revealed how he managed to serve up food for President Obama with a broken wrist.

The celebrity chef and Herald writer smashed his wrist in a motorcycle accident. The Tipperary native was left in agony after he fell off his prized motorbike in downtown LA nearly three weeks ago.

"It was quite terrifying. I was just driving along and there was a truck on my left, which veered into me. As soon as I went down, onlookers were calling 911, so an ambulance and fire engine were on the scene very quickly," he said.


He has asked a solicitor to try to get his medical expenses covered.

Although his left arm is in a full cast for the next six weeks, 30-year-old Stuart, who has fed some of Hollywood's biggest names, said he would battle on in the kitchen.

The Nenagh local landed himself a top gig cooking for US president Barack Obama earlier this month and managed to get by.

More than 80 guests attended the sit-down dinner in the Beverly Hills for a fundraiser for Mr Obama; Stuart, who was one of only six chefs chosen, said he was delighted he didn't opt out.

"I had a group of assistants, so I just about got by," he said.

"I dished out orders, 'chop this, cut that' and then my helpers did the work. But it is amazing what you can do with one hand."

And the Herald columnist didn't allow his broken wrist to stop him from meeting and greeting his Irish fans last weekend as he was able to cook at the Taste of Dublin festival in the Iveagh Gardens