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Heartbroken Britney fan misses out on stage appearance

A BRITNEY SPEARS fan was left "devastated" after her dreams of appearing on stage with the superstar were dashed by security staff.

Michelle Keenan (24), who runs the star's Irish fan site and credits her for helping pull her out of a coma, was inconsolable at the ban.

Michelle, who is on crutches as she's had arthritis and osteoporosis since she was a toddler, was also due to go on stage with the pop princess.

The Femme Fatale star had re-arranged a song especially to give her extra time to spend with Michelle on the stage in her Famos 4 A Day event.

But Michelle - pictured with the star - was left in floods of tears after a security member point-blank refused to let her go up, citing health concerns.

Britney's boyfriend Jason Trawick even argued her case and explained they would take full liability for Michelle -- to no avail.

"They were about to introduce me and Britney had changed the start of the song to give them time to bring me up from the front of the stage.

"But just as her dancers came down to get me, this security guy told her team that I couldn't go up because I was on crutches," she explained.

"Her team started explaining to him that they had okayed it and they would vouch for me 100pc.

"I was standing right in front of the stage, looking up at Britney standing there waiting for me. I just burst into tears when they said I couldn't go up, I was just devastated."

However a spokesperson for the O2 insisted their security staff don't control direct access to the stage.

"That's down to the artists themselves and we certainly wouldn't decide health and safety policies either. When it comes to people with disabilities, we make sure the venue is as accessible as possible," he said.

But Michelle was still thrilled to meet her idol backstage.

"She's absolutely stunning and so nice," she said. "I thanked her for getting me through some hard times in my life and she said 'that's so nice' and told me I looked really pretty."