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Heartbreak behind Lee's Eurosong act

Eurosong contender Lee Bradshaw has a special reason for hoping for victory in this Friday's Eurosong -- the man who wrote his song has just been diagnosed with cancer.

The crooner -- who is well known on the social scene thanks to his former job working as a model and his hairdresser brother Dylan -- is hoping he'll emerge the winner after this weekend's live sing-off on the Late Late Show.

And the Diary can reveal how a win for Lee would be extra special, given that German music maker Ralph Siegal, who wrote his song, River Of Silence, is now battling cancer.

"He just found out he has it earlier this month so obviously has to undergo hospital treatment immediately," said a source.

"He doesn't even know if he's going to be well enough to travel to Dublin for the Eurosong final and that was one of his big hopes when his song was first selected for the last five. It's touch and go at the moment, but fingers crossed he'll be able to travel over."

A Eurovision veteran, Ralph is the owner of Jupiter Records and has successfully entered songs in the competition no less than 19 times and holds the record for having composed the most songs for the contest.

Now he'll be hoping that Lee will do the business for him this weekend, despite going up against some stiff competition. Among the final five are former Eurovision winner Niamh Kavanagh and Boyzone star Mikey Graham.