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'He told me I was beautiful and tried to bed me in hotel'

Novelist Marisa Mackle has revealed how Ronan Keating once tried to seduce her.

The writer (35) spent an evening drinking in a Dublin hotel with the Boyzone star when he first started out on his path to stardom.

"I was in the Burlington with a friend one night and we started chatting (with Ronan)," she explained.

"He said that he was in the hotel for a while and was having a bit of a party up in his suite, so he invited us up to the room.

"There was loads of girls in the lobby trying to flirt with him and chat him up, but he brought us upstairs.

"He started ordering loads of drinks from room service and I remember being really surprised because he was drinking straight whisky, and that's usually an older man's drink. It wasn't really a party -- it was just him and this other guy."

At one point she asked him straight out if he was single and he said he was unattached.


"He said 'yeah' and that he was looking for love. He said he found it really hard to meet girls because he was on the road so much.

"He started telling me I was beautiful and all this stuff," Marisa continued.

But she said things started going slightly awry when she made a comment about the night.

"I said as a joke 'this is all very tame and boring -- I thought being a pop star you would be doing something wild'.

"He started jumping up and down on the bed trying to show us how crazy he could be."

She also claimed that he then "made a move on her" and was less than impressed when she rejected his advances.

"The whole thing was really unpleasant. I was going out with somebody at the time and I made it clear that nothing was going to happen between us.

"I was very surprised to read in the papers a few months later that he had got married."