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Hazel won't win Big Bro but she'll land TV job: Frow

CHANNEL 5 boss Ben Frow doesn't believe that model Hazel O'Sullivan will win Big Brother – but reckons she may land herself a TV job.

The television boss has praised the 24-year-old for what "she is doing for Ireland" in Big Brother.

The Wexford woman dominated talk in the Big Brother house last night after she became the subject of some indiscreet gossip.

However, former TV3 boss Frow, who personally selected Hazel for a starring role in the series, believes the bond she has made with her fellow housemates will save her from eviction for a few more weeks.



"Hazel is very likeable. So likeable, I think she is doing a great job for Ireland in Big Brother. Her biggest asset is that she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and the viewers at home like that," Mr Frow said.

Channel 5's director of programmes joked that he doubted the male contestants in Big Brother would ever want Hazel out of the house after she made headlines across Britain soaking up the sun in the Big Brother garden.

But claimed she probably wouldn't win the show.

"But it's not about the winning, its about the taking part, and whether people take to you. In those terms, Hazel is doing brilliantly. So this could be a stepping stone into a presenting job for Hazel on UK TV or anything she wants to do," he said.

The ex-girlfriend of boxer Darren Sutherland signed with London-based firm International Model Management before entering the Big Brother house, and is hoping that the reality show will turn her into a star across the water as it did Georgia Salpa who competed in Celebrity Big Brother in 2012.

However, Hazel took a swipe at Georgia by saying that her decision to enter Big Brother was "to show that all models are not as boring as Georgia Salpa" whom she once clashed with for the affections of playboy Calum Best.

Channel 5 introduced her as a "recently single glamour model" and added: "Articulate and feisty. Hazel is well known in Ireland for being the former girlfriend of rugby player Fergus McFadden."