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Hazel: I'm devastated at my love split with gentleman Jim

TOP Dublin model Hazel O'Sullivan has finally admitted she was in a long-term relationship with troubled business tycoon Jimmy Mansfield Jnr and says she is devastated over their recent break-up.

The Assets beauty has constantly denied rumours that she and Citywest heir Jimmy had been seeing each other but speaking to the Diary, Hazel has come clean for the first time.

"Yes we were together for the last few years, I am really upset that it didn't work out but we were two different people with two different lives, so we ended up going our separate ways. I finally moved out of Citywest three months ago

"I was thrown into a crazy world when I met him. I moved up to Dublin from Wexford just after my Leaving Cert and I met Jimmy at the Miss Universe competition, as it was held at the Citywest Hotel," she said.

After meeting for the first time back in 2008, the model and the businessman eventually got together after meeting several times.

But Hazel admitted that due to their 21-year-age difference, the pair were adamant about keeping their love a secret. And after the death of Jimmy's former girlfriend Katy French, and the passing of Hazel's ex-boxer boyfriend Darren Sutherland, the Dublin model says she and Jimmy decided to not comment on their relationship.

"I was young at the time and there was a bit of an age difference, so that might not have gone down so well. We wanted it to be our own little thing. Katy had passed and then Darren passed, so we were two people in the same situation. It was all so crazy at the time. It really has been a whirlwind the last couple of years," she admitted. The pair split up in June and Hazel admits she was dying to get out of the country and headed to Istanbul to get her mind off the break-up.

Despite wanting to escape the pain, the press call favourite says she realised coming home was best.

"I did have notions in my head about leaving the country and living somewhere in Europe for a while, to start over. But I wanted to come back to Ireland and work here again. My life with Jimmy was all I had known. Before I left school I had never seen lots of money or even a Range Rover. Next thing I was out there and everyone was splashing the cash, it was such a different life. But obviously that was the tale end of the boom," she admitted. Although Hazel admitted she is upset over the break-up, the leggy model says she is still on good terms with businessman Jimmy and will always see him as a friend.

"I would still consider him a good friend and I wouldn't like to see any harm come to him, he is an absolute gentleman," she added.