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Hayley's ready to rock business world

FORMER Lillie's VIP hostess Hayley Rock is set to launch her new concierge business in Dublin next week and admits she has no regrets over leaving the top celebrity nightclub behind her.

The sister of Lydia Rock, wife of Dublin footballer Alan Brogan, has been busy starting up her new business venture after leaving star-studded guest lists and long nights of partying behind her.

Hayley says she hasn't looked back since walking out on the top celebrity haunt.

"It was great, I had a fantastic time when I worked in Lillie's and it's opened a lot of doors for me, but that part of my life is definitely gone, I was ready to say goodbye to it."

After leaving her days of VIP partying behind, her Hayley says she's looking forward to getting her new business up and running. It will focus on helping business clients find their way around Dublin and enjoy themselves.