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Have you got something to tell Brian, Amy?

IT looks like Amy Huberman might have something to tell her husband Brian O'Driscoll.

But before the Irish rugby captain gives himself a hard time for not guessing his wife's news any sooner, he can relax.

While Amy might be looking blooming beautiful, her baby bump is for the small screen only.

The actress is playing an expectant mum in new British sitcom Threesome, which many hope will make the former Clinic actress a household name in the UK.

The programme, which will be screened on the Comedy Channel next month, focuses on three friends on the verge of turning 30.

Amy (31) plays Alice, who lives with her boyfriend Mitch (Stephen Wight) and their gay best friend Richie (Emun Elliott), who impulsively decide to have a threesome while on a night out celebrating Alice's birthday.

Their bed-hopping ends in an unplanned pregnancy and the trio decide to raise the baby together.

The star is in the UK to begin promoting her new programme.

"So giddy about Threesome!! That sounds weird... It's actually the launch of our new show for Comedy Central in London today... Yay!!!" Amy wrote online.

Amy said that she loved the challenge of a comedy role in the seven-part series, which starts on October 17.

"It has a very funny premise. It sees me living with my boyfriend and gay best friend and they live in this very strange domestic threesome situation, but it's really funny," Amy said.

But Amy admitted that she and her co-stars were nervous about how it would be received by fans.

There's also a big name on board when it comes to the script, given that former Doctor Who writer Tom MacRae will be doing the honours.

Amy has said she is keen to try every genre when it comes to her acting career. "It's really boring to say that I like them all but it's true. I guess you're always going to love doing the drama stuff and that's hugely satisfying but so is the comedy stuff like Your Bad Self. I loved doing that," she said.

"I think if you're not going to challenge yourself that way, you're not an actor. That's a little scary, but I like that thrill of not being just what everyone thinks you should be," she said.