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'Hated' Katie shocks again -- in evil child killer portrait

Pictures of Katie Price often generate shock, but this time the glamour model is set to drop jaws as she has been painted as an infamous child killer.

Controversial Irish artist Kevin Sharkey has painted the model mum, who was recently voted Britain's Most Hated Woman, in the same guise as violent serial killer Myra Hindley in order to highlight how unfair she has been treated by the public recently.

The glamour model, who is rumoured to be getting hitched to her cage fighter boyfriend Alex Reid, has been the subject of a hate campaign after her split from former hubby Peter Andre last year.

Since that split, Jordan has been trying to redeem her former image as a successful working mother, but her ex has been the one to come out on top.

Now the Donegal artist has used her downturn in public opinion as the inspiration behind his latest work, bound to raise a few eyebrows.

The disturbing photo uses Jordan's staple look -- complete with heavy make-up and collagen-injected lips -- but with a 1960s blonde hairdo made famous by Hindley in her mugshot photo.

Sharkey plans on showing off his latest work at a new Dublin exhibition, appropriately titled Public Enemy Number One.

In spite of the fact that he painted the reality star to mimic that of a convicted killer, he has also defended the portrait as a tribute piece.

"While I would not be the biggest Jordan fan, I find the obsession with her life amazing as she is basically a single mum working against the clock to provide for herself and her family," he told the Herald.

"When I heard she had been voted The Most Hated Person In Britain I thought, 'ah now hang on, no'.

"Myra Hindley was evil and was hated for that -- and rightfully so. But Jordan is only doing what she does best and it's time to give her a break."

However, Sharkey did say that although the work is meant to be satirical, some of Jordan's similarities suited the theme of the portrait.

"The picture of Myra is so timeless and it's funny because Jordan actually wears similar make up so it worked really well."