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Has single Roz found her perfect man in Bressie?

She's the top model who stripped down to her bikini to help her GAA team win RTE's Celebrity Bainisteoir.

And he's the man deemed one of Ireland's most eligible bachelors whose stint on The Voice Of Ireland has earned him legions of female fans.

Now it seems that former Miss Universe Ireland Rozanna Purcell (22) has struck up a new friendship with strapping musician Niall Breslin (31).

A Diary mole spotted the pair enjoying each other's company in top Dublin haunt No 37 on Dawson Street last weekend.

They were seen in the popular late-night venue looking very cosy indeed as they enjoyed a night out on the tiles with a group of pals.

Rozanna has now set tongues wagging that she could have won over the Mullingar musician with her considerable charms.

A source revealed how the photogenic pair have "lots in common", so it's little wonder there's a spark between them.

Plus, given her stint on Celebrity Bainisteoir, Roz also has a new-found interest in sport, which should impress former Leinster rugby star Bressie.

"They're both from normal, country backgrounds and are very down-to-earth people, they're both straight talkers," a source said.

"They have known each other for months after meeting on the social scene and there was always a bit of friendly banter between them but things appear to have moved up a notch lately."

Tipperary-born Roz recently lamented the fact that she's still on the market, saying how she was too busy concentrating on her modelling and TV career for a boyfriend. But judging by her comments, it doesn't sound like she's in a rush to settle down into a serious romance.

"I can't find one (a boyfriend). I don't really have the time to be looking I suppose. All I really do is work and sleep," she said.

However, when asked about what she looked for in a beau, she said they had to be independent and not too "clingy".

She added how they would have to have their own lives and "would just see me randomly".

"I wouldn't be able to handle someone who was like, 'What are you doing today? You want to hang out today?'"

She added how she wasn't even close to thinking about marriage as she was far too young and couldn't even consider it until she was at least 30.

One young beauty whose star is definitely on the ascent, Roz won plenty of plaudits for her stint on RTE's Celebrity Bainisteoir.