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Harry Potter and the film script moved to Dublin safe house over theft fears

The home of Harry Potter star Devon Murray has been targeted by thieves desperate to get hold of the latest film script.

Murray, who has won a legion of fans as Seamus Finnegan in the series, told the Herald that film bosses were forced to move the priceless script to a safe house following fears that it would be stolen and leaked.

The 20-year-old Dubliner explained how the film chiefs stepped in after several break-in attempts from thieves hoping to steal the storylines from his family home in Kildare.

The script is worth millions to die-hard fans desperate to catch a glimpse of the latest installment of the hit series.


"It just wasn't safe to keep it there, as there was so much hype surrounding the new storylines, so they now use a safe house for the script," he said.

Devon is gearing up for a worldwide tour to promote Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which will be released in the middle of July.

He is taking the pressures of being in the public eye in his stride, despite all the hype surrounding the fantasy movies.

"I don't really get recognised here that much and Irish people are so down-to-earth anyway, they would leave you alone even if they did know you.

"It's more when I go to America that they go mad for anyone connected with the movie. It was also crazy when we did a promotional tour in Japan, I must have shook hands with about two million people during that trip alone, it was mental," he continued.


Devon has been busy enjoying the high life thanks to his starry status, and revealed how he even joined young fashionista Emma Watson in a dream shopping trip in Harrods of London.

"We were allowed to just grab whatever we wanted so I took all these designer jeans, but I didn't bother even trying them on so none of them fit properly!" he explained.

The former Billie Barry student is also busy readying himself to start filming the final movie next October, and expects it will take more than six months to film his part alone.

Yet, despite becoming an international star, he confessed he "hasn't read a single one" of the JK Rowling books and is content to just concentrate on the scripts.


And he also revealed how the glass-wearing star Daniel Radcliffe is far less innocent than he appears on the big screen.

"He's totally wired," he laughed. "He's a great man to go for a night out with as he loves partying and is up for anything. He's great craic."

When he's not busy immersing himself in all the adventures that happen at Hogwarts' infamous boarding school, he explained how he adores horses and used to be a keen showjumper.

He's now breeding horses himself at his Offaly stud farm and has several contenders for the 2010 Olympics, with equestrian star Cian O'Connor even expressing an interest in one of his mounts.

Young Devon, who has a girlfriend, was spotted hitting the town over the weekend after judging a beauty contest in Dandelion on Friday night.

The following night, he joined in all the mad antics at a lively bash hosted by Wesley Quirke's comedian brother, Andy, which saw guests included Rosanna Davison, dress up in neon clothes and body paint.