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Hardest part of Bootcamp is staying stylish - Judy

TV presenter Judy Gilroy will be hitting our small screens shortly as one of the brave participants of RTE's ICA Bootcamp.

But it's good to see that she didn't forego her fashion sense while trying to learn some old-fashioned skills from her ICA mentors.

The former presenter of Guest List on the City Channel explained how she was determined to look the part while getting to grips with some of the grittier challenges on the farm.

"Knowing you're headed for the country, you've got to be prepared for the outdoors. The real challenge is trying to remain stylish at the same time," she said.

"Luckily for me, my trusty jeans and Converse combo was perfect for the occasion.

"I have a slight problem with packing light. I'm one of these people who always gets charged for excess luggage at the airport and Bootcamp was no different.

"Some of the crucial items in my suitcase were a pair of wellies, a good selection of coats and, of course, lots of accessories to style up my farm couture."

She explained that she had no idea what to expect when she signed up for the show but she gained a lot from it.

"I'm by no means a domestic goddess so I knew it would a challenge but I had no idea how many tricks I'd pick up from the experience.

"I absolutely loved my week at Bootcamp and by the end of it, I think I gained a lot more than I bargained for," she said.