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Guess who's coming to dinner? Six lucky fundraisers scoop hot date with Hollywood star Farrell

SIX lucky women are preparing for a date with one of Ireland's hunkiest men.

The ladies -- two of whom won the 'prize' through the Herald and four who fundraise for the charity Debra Ireland -- will be wined and dined in the company of Colin Farrell at a top city restaurant.

The charity provides support to families and children with debilitating skin condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB) -- victims are often known as the "butterfly children".

The rare disease causes the skin, as delicate as a butterfly's wings, to break out in blisters at the slightest touch.

The two lucky Herald readers and two Debra Ireland mini marathon runners' numbers were picked out of a raffle.

And a further two fundraisers, who gathered thousands of euro for the charity, were awarded the prize. They'll have their date with the Hollywood heartthrob when he's next home in the autumn or winter.

"We saw a 30pc increase in fundraising from last year for the Women's Mini Marathon," a Debra Ireland spokesperson said.

"A total of 305 people signed up for Debra Ireland this year and the fundraising total is around €40,000."


Herald winner Lisa Doran from Sandymount laughed: "I can't even imagine what I'll wear but I'll definitely have to get the bling bling on."

Eimear Flood (28) from Carberry in Kildare, is a youthcare worker and got a great reaction when she told the teens that she worked with that she'd be meeting Colin.

"I thought it was a joke when I first heard," she added. "I entered it through the Herald and completely forgot about it."

Linda Kenny (33) from Rathdrum, Wicklow was one of the biggest fundraisers for Debra Ireland. She and husband Stephen lost their baby Curtis to EB last year.

"My baby died when he was just 10 days old," she revealed. "It was the first case in Ireland to have EB with such severity. I would love to sit down and talk to Colin about Curtis," she said. "The fact that he's into helping out Debra is just brilliant."

Another mum, Bernie McHugh, also has experience of the condition. Her two-and-a-half year old son Kevin has a mild case of EB.

A total of 26 walkers named Bernie's Buxom Beauties helped the 36-year-old raise close to €6,000 for the charity.

Bernadette Gorman (50) and Ann Russell both ran the mini-marathon for the charity.

Ann, who is in her 50s, lives in Rathfarnham with her husband Dave and two grown-up children.

"It's such a deserving charity, they are so small and do such great work," she said.