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Grieving mum's baby joy after weight loss

A mum who lost two stone in RTE's last series of Operation Transformation has given birth after being told by doctors she was too heavy to conceive.

Penny Dwyer (34) from Kilkenny was told by doctors that her weight was preventing her from having a child, and she decided to change her life.

And to her utter delight, little Skye Harmony Dwyer was born at 8.40am on Tuesday, weighing eight pounds and three ounces.

Penny told the Herald: "There are no words, it's amazing.

"It was one of the reasons why I applied [for Operation Transformation]. I'm going back to nappies and crying now, and it'll be good fun. We're looking forward to it.

"I couldn't get pregnant before the show because I was so heavy, and the doctor told me I wasn't ovulating because I was overweight," she said.

Visitors have been coming "in droves" to see the new addition to the Dwyer household, who is a welcome arrival after a period of tragedy in their household.

Penny gained weight after she tragically lost her four-year-old daughter Melody to meningitis in March 2008. During her grief she began to comfort eat -- while she tried to be strong for her other daughter Courtney (11).

And now little Skye is a dream come true for the family, and they've paid tribute to tragic Melody in how they've named her.

"We gave Skye her second name as a way to remember Melody. We chose the second name Harmony, because Melody and Harmony are the much the same."

Penny suffered from diabetes during her pregnancy with Skye, and the little one has to be monitored by doctors over the coming days, but doctors are confident that she'll be able to leave the hospital in the next few days.


"She's now in the special care unit. Because of my diabetes, her blood sugar is low so they have to watch her. And she only comes out of the unit for her feeds.

"Mine goes back to normal when the baby is born, but hers would be up and down for the next couple of days."

Courtney is said to be delighted to have a companion to play with, and Penny says she is already taking over a motherly role.

The free, 24-hour Meningitis Trust Helpline Number is 1800 523 196.