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Grieving Laura plans VIP style tribute to her beloved granny

Top beauty Laura Toogood has spoken out about her grief over the loss of her grandmother.

And she has credited her boyfriend Nicky Arnold for being her rock of support through a difficult time.

The blonde model (25) was left reeling after the sudden passing of her beloved granny Margret Bacon, who died at her home in England last week.

"She was 91 and I know you have to expect these things but she was really lively and active. She didn't seem 91 at all, so it came as a huge shock to all of us when she suddenly died," she said.

As the funeral won't take place for another ten days, Laura has flown back to Ireland this week.

The British socialite has been inundated with messages of support after paying an emotional tribute to her granny on her new blog 'Tales of the Pink Bike.'

"She was an inspirational figure who showed admirable independence during her life. A very healthy woman, she lived with my grandfather, Peter, until he passed away, in a beautiful house in Somerset.


"She vowed that she would never leave her house in her old age and her wish finally came true when she passed from this world in the comfort of her own home," she stated.

She also revealed how Margret was her last surviving grandparent and her small family, with no aunts or uncles or cousins, was "now even smaller."

"Thus, her presence was the highlight of any festive occasion and she will be sorely missed," she added.

Laura will attend the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards this Friday and has devised the perfect sartorial tribute to her beloved relative.

"I was thinking for a while about what to wear. But I have this pair of Versace trousers that my grandmother gave me a present when I was 19 so I'm going to wear them," she said.

"It would be a nice way of remembering her, providing I'm brave enough to wear them as I know everyone else will be wearing the usual long gowns so it is something a bit different."

She also revealed how she'll be accompanied on the red carpet at the Shelbourne Hotel by her long-term boyfriend Nicky.

The brother of actress Leigh Arnold has been dating Laura for a year and the pair took the bold step of moving in together last year.

Here's hoping there's no awkwardness when it comes to bumping into style nominee Aoibhinn ni Shuilleabhain.

The brunette teacher has been dating RTE's Ryan Tubridy for more than a year and started going out with him a few months after Laura's infamous date with the presenter.