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'Granny' Tiffany is set for return to La-La land

POOR Tiffany Stanley. The blonde beauty and self-confessed "granny" says she finds the high-paced dating lifestyle of LA too hard to handle.

But the 24-year-old is still loving life across the pond – so much so that she has applied for another visa that could see her living in the US long-term.

Tiffany came back from the States last month and has applied for an Extraordinary Talent visa, which will allow her to work in her field of model and TV presenting for three years.

The single model said she went on plenty of dates while in the sunny American state, but is still single and hopes to find Mr Right when she moves back to LA.

And "shy" Tiffany, who has posed for some sizzling bikini shoots, says she finds it difficult to meet genuine men.



"I think a lot of guys see my sexy bikini pictures and think 'I want a slice of that', but I'm more of a relationship kind of girl," Tiffany told the Diary.

"I am a total granny. I have to get to know someone and go on loads of dates so I can find it hard to meet genuine men."

And Tiffany says the dating game in America couldn't be more different to back home. "Everyone goes on three or four dates a week so it's quite intense," the Kildare model said. "American guys are quite flashy and would send a limo to pick you up so it's all about impressing you."



Tiffany has been making the most of her time in Ireland since returning two weeks ago and has been catching up with her model pals, including Nadia Forde and model boss Andrea Roche.

Her and Nadia were spotted chatting to Irish golf star Rory McIlroy on a recent night out at Dublin haunt House, but it's all about US hunks for Tiffany.

Tiffany will move back to the Hollywood Hills to continue her plans to be a TV presenter. She has landed on her feet as she has her own pool house apartment underneath the house owned by her uncle, director Kevin.

The blonde model was delighted when her pictures were featured on Sports Illustrated online after they picked up paparazzi shots that had been taken of Tiffany.

And now she has her sights set on a full-blown picture spread with the world famous magazine.