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Grainne's gruelling bid to look as fit as Christine

Grainne Seoige (36) has vowed to keep up her gruelling workouts -- so she doesn't pale in comparison beside Daybreak colleague Christine Bleakley.

The Herald can reveal how the double-jobbing TV presenter, who's in her first month working as Features Editor on ITV's Daybreak, is continuing to work out with celebrity trainer Paul Byrne in a bid to keep her curves in check.

And part of the reason is that the Galway native wants to make sure she looks good sharing the breakfast show couch with her super-skinny colleague Christine.

Although she has insisted there's "no rivalry" at all between them, the determined TV presenter has vowed to keep up her workouts after landing her high-profile job.

"She's flying back home most weekends and is able to slot in two sessions a week with Paul," said an insider.

"She's intent on not letting her routine slip up because she's over in the UK so much. She wasn't going as much over the past few weeks but now that she's established a bit of a regular schedule, she has booked herself in to train with him twice a week.

"Grainne's determined that she's going to look her very best on the programme, especially given that she's working with someone naturally slim like Christine."

The newly-single star has been jetting back and forth between Ireland and Britain as she fulfils her RTE commitments as well as working full-time on Daybreak.

She will continue presenting the All Ireland Talent Show this winter was was home last weekend to front the People of the Year Awards in Citywest.

After months of speculation, last July saw the mum of one confirmed as the new Features Editor on the flagship show and she has been given a brief to focus on human interest stories from all over the world.


She recently travelled to Delhi where she visited some of the worst slums and said she was left deeply moved after visiting a single mum of six children sleeping in "a 10 x 10 brick and mud hut" with no roof or toilet.

"The smell was just an assault on the senses. There are 80 toilets for 125,000 people and the conditions that most people are living in there are absolutely sub human.

"I gave her some money -- just a gesture really. You couldn't do much else," she explained.

Last June saw her confirm her separation from husband of eight years, Stephen Cullinane, with the pair saying in a statement how they had ended their marriage but were determined to remain "good friends."