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Grainne, she's pretty but offensive

OFFENSIVE: Grainne Seoige

I'M sure we don't all look as good as Grainne Seoige at six in the morning.

But rest assured we work as hard.

That was my reaction to the flippant remarks made by Grainne.

She labelled her countryfolk 'work shy.'

Speaking about her short-lived stint on ITV's Daybreak, she said that English workers "could teach the Irish a thing or two".

She added: "We whinge over here. A lot. Over there, they just get up and get on with it."

Grainne's remarks go beyond the cosseted, well-salaried world of morning television.

They're grossly offensive to all Irish people.

We have a country with 470,000 people out of work.

Many of whom would love to get into a job at 6am if they got a pay cheque at the end of the week.

Shift workers, gardai, nurses, security staff -- I wonder what all these people are doing in the wee small hours, if not working?

Mind you, they're probably the little people, without the zing of Christine Bleakley and her ilk.

Grainne's intemperate remarks are clearly grounded in her brief, and not very successful, career on Daybreak.

Get a life, Grainne.