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Grainne and husband split after 11 years

GRAINNE Seoige today said she has ended her marriage of eight years.

In another shock to the showbusiness world, Ms Seoige said she and husband Stephen Cullinane were to separate after 11 years as a couple.

In a statement, Grainne’s spokesman said her main concern now is for her 16-year-old son Conall.

The break-up comes less than 18 months after sister Sile separated from her husband Glen Mulcahy.

The move is likely to fuel speculation that Grainne is planning a move to the UK, where she has recently taken on a number of presenting roles for GMTV.

The couple said their marriage has ended but they remain “good friends”.

Grainne's spokesman Noel Kelly said there was “nothing else” to the marriage split and insisted that she and Stephen will remain on good terms.

“There's nobody else involved and they are going to stay friends. The statement is as it is and there's nothing more to add,” he explained.

He declined to comment on when the couple decided to go their separate ways.

Members of Grainne’s inner circle confirmed they were aware the couple had been going through problems for at least six months.

A close pal said she was “not surprised” about news of the split – but was not aware Grainne was preparing to release a shock statement on the issue.

She also insisted there was no third party involved in the separation.

“It just ran its course and there was nothing else to it,” she said. “There were no high dramas or any big arguments or anyone suddenly moving out of the house. It was all very dignified and amicable.

“That’s the way they want things to stay as they are still very good friends. There was absolutely no one else involved in this.”

She also revealed how she “wouldn’t be surprised” if the RTE beauty flew off on holidays with her son for a while to escape the media glare.

Grainne has not been seen out publicly with her other half for a number of weeks, fuelling the rumour mill.

One of the first indications that all was not well in her personal life came last week when the usually chatty television personality vetoed any questions about her family life.

The star, who was there to announce her fourth year in a row presenting the RTE People of the Year Awards, was accompanied by an RTE representative and declined to answer questions unrelated to the awards event

Two weeks ago, she stepped out at the black-tie O2 Ability Awards at Kilmainham, but was notably without her other half at her side.


She spent the evening with fellow RTE pals such as Jenny Buckley and Ryan Tubridy, who all share the same agent in Noel Kelly. She and Mr Cullliane met while working in TV3 and got married in 2002.

In a short statement released through Ms Seoige's agent today, the pair appealed for privacy.

They said: “After 11 years together Grainne Seoige and Stephen Cullinane have decided to separate.

“Both Stephen and Grainne remain good friends and their main concern is their son and step son, Conall.”

It concluded: “They both ask the press to respect their privacy at this time.”

Grainne is the eldest of a family of four who grew up together in Spiddal, Connemara. Sile is the youngest.

In January last year, Sile announced her own marriage break-up.

She had been with RTE producer Glen Mulcahy for eight years and married for just three at the time.

Speaking after that breakup, Grainne said: “It was a tough few days, and they're the days that you want to stay in the house, and close the curtains, and not show your face, but as I said to Sile, if you do that one day, the temptation is to never come out again.

“But if you come out, people see you're alive and then they leave you alone.”