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Graeme on top of the world as he proposes to Kristin on sky helipad

GRAEME McDowell went up 200 metres to get down on one knee.

The Northern Irish golfer used the spectacular setting of a Dubai helipad to ask Kristin Stape to marry him.

Kristin accepted his proposal -- and the pair will probably wed before the end of next year, he said.

McDowell is now hoping to celebrate his engagement with a win at this week's Dubai World Championship.

He said he used the helipad of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai to propose to the US-born Stape two weeks ago.

"I did it properly, getting down on one knee. She had no idea what was going on," he revealed.

McDowell, who is US-based, met Kristin when he contracted her Orlando interior design business to decorate his Florida home.

The former US Open champion popped the question when in Dubai for a practice session on his way to the Australian Masters in Melbourne.

McDowell is now back in the UAE for the €6.2m Dubai World Championship.

Speaking about his proposal, he said: "I found myself getting a bit emotional. It was very special and a stunning location, looking out over Dubai.

"We'll probably get married towards the end of next year.

"The funny thing is she came to this tournament last year and we went up to the Al Muntaha restaurant, right at the top of the Burj Al Arab.


"I had booked a table when I was out here two weeks ago, so we went back there. I said to her that the hotel was going to give us a quick look around, including going out on to the helipad."

He added: "I was very nervous in popping the question because I had a little speech I was going to make and found myself getting all choked up about it.

"We've been told it's the first marriage proposal ever made on the helipad. We're both 33 and we want to start a family."

The Burj Al Arab is the fourth highest hotel in the world.

Its helipad has been made famous by the likes of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, who have been filmed hitting golf balls there.

In 2005, Roger Federer and Andre Agassi played a game of tennis on the landing pad.