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Gordon Ramsay goes on 'Twitter course'

Gordon Ramsay, the celebrity chef, has gone on "a Twitter course" before he joins the micro-blogging site next month.

Ramsay has said he will start tweeting on February 1, allowing his fans to keep up to date with all his news, views and recipes.

But he said he needed to fully understand it before he launched himself onto the site and has taken himself on "a Twitter course".

Speaking to the Chris Moyles show on BBC's Radio 1, he said: "I actually start on the 1st of Feb. The 1st of Feb, we're going live."

Ramsay added: 'I've gone on a Twitter course. I'm just going through all the stages in terms of prep, properly understanding it. I'm doing it personally.

'It means a lot to me and obviously back out off to the States and the 1st of February we launch ... I cannot wait."

It is understood his "course" has involved him being tutored by Sauce Communications, the company that handles his press relations.

His spokesman insisted that Ramsay would do all the tweeting himself, unlike some celebrities such as Britney Spears, who famously used an assistant to post messages on the site.

Ramsay is rarely without his Blackberry and it is understood he will mostly tweet from this device, but the spokesman said it was likely Ramsay would be a less frequent tweeter than Jamie Oliver, who sometimes posts up to ten or even twenty messages a day.

A handful of restaurateurs have embraced Twitter, updating their followers about gossip and changes to menus with Fergus Henderson, the founder of St John Restaurant, one of the early adopters.

Food bloggers, too, are regular users of Twitter often using the site to vent their spleen about poor meals, with Harden's Restaurant Guide, and Chris Pople posting regular and often spiky comments about Ramsay and other celebrity chefs.

Last week the results of the Michelin Guide 2010, including the news that Ramsay had lost a star at his Claridges restaurant, leaked out on Twitter a full five days before the official publication date.

It will take some time before Ramsay matches the number of followers that Moyles has on Twitter. The disc jockey, who goes by the name CHRISDJMOYLES on Twitter, has 404,000 followers. One of the most popular celebrities on Twitter, eclipsing even Stephen Fry, is Richard Bacon, the Radio 5 disc jockey, who has 1.33 million followers.

Ramsay has yet to sign up to his Twitter account, so it is unclear what his Twitter handle or name will be.

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