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Good morning, America -- Jedward are coming

JEDWARD mania is reaching new heights as the boys are gearing up to crack the US market.

A new online petition has been launched for the Lucan twins to appear on the biggest morning show in the country, Good Morning America, in a bid to make them international superstars.

With some of the most dedicated fans around -- including 40,000 followers on Twitter -- fans are hopeful that the plan thrust the boys into new levels of fame.

The site reads: "If John and Edward (also known as Jedward) were to be on Good Morning America, it would be a great start for their fame in the USA, and great publicity for the show. When they become big here, fans can say 'I found out about them from Good Morning America!'"

And the pair themselves are also hopeful of a US breakthrough as they have begun asking fans on their Twitter page to vote for their hit song to be played on one of the country's biggest radio stations, Z100 in New York.

"Show your power as Jedward fans and request us on Z100 now," the boys wrote on their Twitter site yesterday.

Although the duo were slated during their time on the X Factor, they have become one of the most successful acts to arise from the programme since it was established six years ago.

American choreographer for the X Factor Brian Friedman, who worked with the twins during the show, said: "I think that they would do really well in TV. You know, the Nickelodeon, Disney thing or even something like Glee.

"Something in that area would work for them. They have the charm, the personality and are great looking, so they could be talented doing something like that."

"They are like little brothers and I treat them like that. They respond well to me. It's funny watching other people being authoritative with them -- because it doesn't work. Throughout the X Factor we developed a great working relationship," he said.