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Golden girl Katie can still be a million dollar baby, says Max

KATIE Taylor will still be a million-dollar baby, even though she has opted to stay amateur, celebrity agent Max Clifford believes.

The Olympic boxing heroine (26) delighted Irish fans by confirming her intention to contest her title at the Rio Games in 2016.

Experts said that she had the potential to earn big bucks if she had decided to pursue a professional career.


But her potential reward as an amateur is still sky-high, with sponsors queueing up to get Katie on their side of the ring.

Max Clifford said that Katie is certainly boxing clever when it comes to her career.

"All the time she is Olympic champion, that magic stays there," he told the Herald.

"I think obviously she has four years of opportunities, a full four years to make the most of the tremendous success of the Olympics.

"Endorsements, advertisements, appearances -- she can earn very well by herself," he added.

The Olympics touched a lot of people and had a wonderful effect on people in Britain and Ireland, he said.

"She would have the potential to make a lot more money."

Just this week, the Bray boxer signed up as new health and wellness ambassador.

Katie joined up with food services provider Aramark on its activities across its 400 contracts nationwide.

Aramark will also work with Katie to support her own Rio 2016 Olympic campaign.


Katie said that she was looking forward to help educate it on diet and nutrition, and provide food choices that would allow healthier eating.

"I am very excited to be promoting health and wellness, as it is an issue that is very close to my heart," she said.

"As an elite athlete, I know at first hand the impact of diet and nutrition on performance, but also the importance of achieving a healthy life balance.

"Aramark has impressed me with its dedication to health and wellness and I look forward to working with its food services team and supporting the right track campaign."


As well as being a Sky ambassador for the digital switchover and fronting the Proctor & Gamble 'Be Proud Of Mums' campaign with her mother, Bridget, she is involved in other deals with Adidas, Toyota, Spar and Lucozade Sport.

It has also emerged that Katie looks set to be offered an ambassadorial role with the International Boxing Association to promote women's boxing worldwide, which carries with it a pay packet of about €10,000, with expenses on top.

Over the past seven years, the boxer has also earned an annual "elite athlete" income from the Sports Council of about €40,000.