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'Gloating over show's axing hurt' -- Grainne

TV host Grainne Seoige has has described the schadenfreude which surrounded the axing of her afternoon show.

The Gaelgoir told this week's RTE Guide she felt there was a lot of "gloating" after Seoige was axed from RTE's afternoon schedules last year.

She initially hosted the show with journalist Joe O'Shea before being joined on the couch by her younger sister Sile.

"I don't think there was a journalist in the land who didn't have something to say about that," she said.

"Having said that, I would put those newspapers under the wee wee mates where the dogs go to the loo! But it is tough to be on the receiving end of such gloating and a lot of it was gloating.

"Seoige wasn't just the name of the programme, it's my family name, so that did hurt because my family and heritage mean everything to me. It informs every fibre of my being, it's my touchstone," she added.

"We all get knocks and kicks in life but it's not what happens to you that counts; it's how you respond. Myself and Sile got that bad news last year but I feel I'm stronger as a result."

The private star also gives RTE Guide readers a small peek into life at home, where she lives with husband Stephen Cullinane and teenage son Conall.

"Home is a place where I don't talk shop at all. At home there are dinners to be made, dogs to be walked and laundry to be done."

And the star is proud of Conall, who is now in Transition Year.

"Conall's a smart boy and he's his own person. He's very strong-minded himself and goes his own way but whatever he does with his life I'll be pleased for him. As long as he's happy, that's all that matters to me. As long as Conall finds a path in life that fulfils him, that's all I want for him."