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Gleeson teams up with son for movie

BRENDAN Gleeson's eldest son Domhnall is following in his father's footsteps yet again.

The Harry Potter actor will be starring alongside his award-winning dad in his latest flick At Swim-Two-Birds.

And while he is no stranger to joining his father on the big screen, this time he will be accompanied by a team made up of Irish acting royalty.

In a true indication that he has hit the big time, Domhnall has been cast alongside Gabriel Byrne, Colin Farrell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Cillian Murphy.

The film is still described as being in pre-production and the big screen adaptation is the brainchild of none other than Brendan himself.

Flame-haired Domhnall is no stranger to accolades and even earned a Tony award nomination in 2006 for his role in The Lieutenant of Inishmore.


Most recently he displayed his comedic chops alongside Amy Huberman in the RTE sketch show Your Bad Self.

But since the programme failed to set the world alight, he has been focusing his efforts on his family's foray - that of the film world.

The up and coming actor already has an impressive resume under his belt in spite of being relatively new to the industry - making his screen debut six years ago.

With hits such as Perrier's Bounty and the blockbuster series Harry Potter series under his belt, he is becoming a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

And his involvement in At Swim-Two-Birds, which tells the compelling story of a writer whose own life begins to fuse with that of his characters is set to send his career skyrocketing.

As his star continues to rise, he has also dipped into behind-the-scenes work -- successfully penning and directing short film Noreen starring his famous father and brother Briain.

"Noreen was a lot of pressure, especially trying to fit in into the schedule we had. We worked around my dad's schedule but in the end I was the one who had to leave the set early on the fourth day to fly out for Harry Potter.

"It was absolute madness - it ended up that though we were due to shoot for four full days it was snowing when we got down and we were shooting out on the roads so we were faced with that and on top of that on the last day I had to take the half day."