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Glam gran Celia can't wait for the festive family fun

SHE IS one of Ireland's most glamorous women -- but here's Celia Holman Lee playing gran to her adorable grandchildren.

The model agency boss is busy getting ready for the festive season -- and will be doting on her three grandchildren, Henry (four), Erika (22 months) and Ryan (one).

Celia and her family and friends pose for a colourful spread in this week's VIP magazine. Celia (61) and her husband Ger -- parents to Cecile and Ivan -- have never spent a Christmas apart during their marriage, a tradition that continues this year.

"Celia and I have been married for 40 years now and each of my Christmasses with her have been very enjoyable. We're very family-oriented, and it's so much fun now that we have grandkids," Ger said.

"The first year with Henry was sensational. It was the first time we had a baby in the house for a long, long time and that was very special. Then little Erika came along and then Ryan. Now Christmas is an even happier occasion," Celia told VIP.

Annette Rocca also paid tribute to Celia.

"I think she's truly inspirational and she works so hard to be where she is today. She's a classic beauty icon and she's somebody to look up to."

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