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Give Dynasty another run, urges star Stephanie

Actress Stephanie Beacham says she has been discussing a revival of Eighties' TV hit Dynasty with old pal Joan Collins.

The pair starred in the US soap series, which ran for the best part of a decade. following the lives of the Carrington family, and also featured Linda Evans.

Another TV staple of the era, Dallas, was given a makeover and proved to be popular on Channel 5 last year, although its star, Larry Hagman -- who played oil baron JR Ewing -- died in November.

British actress Beacham, who has gone on to appear in Coronation Street, said she would be up for a Dynasty reunion.

"Joan and I have been talking about it and we need a little bit of response and a little bit of encouragement."

After being cheered on by a TV studio audience, she went on: "I can see Joan in one turret and Linda in another and me in another, and all the youngies can do all the busy stuff and we'll just plot and plan."

Dynasty ran for nine series until being cancelled in 1989, and famously featured the 'Moldavian massacre' in 1985, as terrorists burst into a wedding and left viewers wondering whether the leading characters had been killed off.

Beacham has also been a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother (inset), but said that she had no interest in watching the show, which launched last week.

"I adored it, but I never want to see it and I haven't seen it. But living it was a strangely spiritual experience," she said.