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Give Craig's new show a chance, he deserves it - Louis

LOUIS Walsh has come out in defence of Craig Doyle after less than enthusiastic reviews of his latest RTE show.

Viewers took to the internet to criticise Craig Doyle Live but Louis says it's time we gave the presenter a break.

This is Craig's third attempt to present a successful live show on RTE -- but the presenter can't seem to find his niche in Ireland.

First, he hosted The Panel, before Christmas he tried to connect with the social networking world with his show The Social and the host is going for third time lucky with Craig Doyle Live.

But TV watchers have yet to be endeared by the host, which saw the host joined by Louis, Mairead Farrell and Irish comedian Gearoid Farrelly.

Despite no glitches and many laughs from the live audience, one internet user wrote: "Who keeps giving Craig Doyle new shows? This is awful." While another wrote: "Craig Doyle is not remotely funny."

But speaking to the Herald after the show, Craig said he was happy with how everything went.

And Louis said. "People really have to give him a chance. He deserves a break, he has so much potential to do great things and I think he's nailed it this time with this show, it's his best one yet. It doesn't matter what's being written on Twitter, he needs to ignore that. He is really hard working and they love him in the UK too."