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Girlband weren't living in a Wonderland before split

It seems all was not wonderful in Wonderland prior to the group's split.

With Jodi Albert sailing off into the sunset to face impending motherhood, the four other members of the group are attempting to pick up the pieces of their failed music careers.

Lead singer Sharon Condon has revealed to the Diary she has no contact with Kian Egan or his wife Jodi since hearing of the group's break-up through the internet.


Sharon is still smarting after she found out about the band's demise after her mother read it on Facebook.

And the talented artist says it was becoming evident that there was a break occurring in the group when pregnant Jodi stopped spending time in the band's spacious apartment and started spending nights in Kian's London home.

Sharon says she and bandmates Corrina Durran, Leigh Learmont and Kasey Smith are sticking together during these tough times.

"I haven't spoken to Kian or Jodi about this so I don't know how they are feeling, but I suppose they were just as devastated as we were. I haven't really been speaking to Kian, him and Jodi have their own things going on.

"I know from mine and the girls' perspective that we want to stay positive and use everything we have done to move forward with music. I'm not really going to see Kian and Jodi now. So I want to do my own thing and look out for my own life.

"But Kasey, Leigh and Corrina are all really supportive of me, they are lovely girls. Casey will continue writing but I think Leigh and Karena would be great at TV presenting," she said.

Last night Wonderland's official band page was flooded with upset comments from fans after they posted a message confirming they were over for good and would no longer be producing music together as a band.

"As some of you may know already we have parted ways with Mercury Records. We have taken the past few weeks to consider our future as a band. After a lot of thinking and talking we have decided that we will no longer continue as Wonderland.

"We feel we have given it all we have and we could not take it any further. We want to say a massive thank you to all our fans for the love and support they have shown us over the three years we have been together. We really feel we had an amazing time and it will be something we remember for the rest of our lives," they wrote.


But Sharon (25) told the Diary that she was unaware the band had officially made the decision to split, and had to find out through her mother who saw the girls' message on their Facebook page.

"We all knew it was coming but I didn't know the band were officially announcing the split. My mum rang me and told me that the girls had posted it on their Facebook page.

"I had spoken to the girls before and said that I didn't want to continue with Wonderland. So in the end it was a mutual decision because other members felt the same," she said.