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Girl power has taken over Nationwide -- Mary

PRESENTER Mary Kennedy has insisted it's great to see female broadcasters take "centre stage" for a change.

The Nationwide host told the Herald that she's embracing sisterhood these days and is really enjoying working alongside her new female co-anchor Anne Cassin on the long-running RTE programme.

Mum-of-three Anne replaced veteran Michael Ryan in January after the 67-year-old stepped down.

"The dynamic on the show is different, of course. It's very positive, it's nice to see women out there holding centre stage -- both women," 54-year-old Mary said.

"Anne and I get on really well -- we were friends before any of this started.

"But Michael was a dote, you wouldn't ever want to say anything that's not complimentary to him ... he was a great laugh, a thorough gentleman and it was his baby, he started Nationwide, it'll be 20 years old next year."

The new duo have been texting one another ahead of their joint slots to ensure they don't arrive to work in matching outfits. "I've texted her to find out hat she's wearing to avoid wearing the same things," Anne recently admitted.

"I have to recycle the wardrobe a bit ... the one tip Mary did give me was to make sure to wrap up and invest in warm thermals and gloves -- you're standing outside for so long, that's important."

Meanwhile, Mary said she feels no pressure in taking over at the helm of the popular Montrose series because she has become accustomed to being a face of the programme.

"I feel very comfortable with the role over the past eight years, I'm happy with the way it's going and to have Anne as part of the team is great."